Senkron Kurumsal Katalog, Senkronize, Dergi

Our Quality, Environment, and OHS Policies

Quality is a standard in every job we do...

Our Quality, Environment, and OHS Policies

We provide the most advanced technology used by the international sector and the best products of the sector about electronic security to our customers’ use. We provide continuity about customer satisfaction after sales.

We adopt and share the understanding of quality improvement all the time. We adopt and share the understanding of team work.

We always update the technology we offer and improve our services. We adopt national and international standards for the improvement of our company.

We take precautions reducing the waste amount in order to prevent environmental pollution to be created by unrestrainable wastes.

We imbue and raise environmental consciousness among our employees in the workplace and living place through education and participation.

We organize and develop our activities about environment in accordance with TS EN ISO 14001 Environment Management System.

We increase and develop our quality and environment understanding which enables us to be one of the preferred companies in national and international markets with the education plan we renew every year.

We search for and implement proper environment friendly technologies and methods that provide savings on resource utilization.

We carry out works with continuous development understanding to protect the environment.

We conduct our operations with minimum occupational accidents by keeping Occupational Health and Safety at the top level.

We provide all necessary protections to prevent negative effects to appear on the health of our employees and the people who may be affected by our operations by controlling all potential accidents, damages or dangers on goods and properties on the onset.

Accordingly, we raise Occupational Health and Safety consciousness among our employees and we adopt Occupational Health and Safety Management understanding as a philosophy of life.